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Streamlined task completion

Brokers wanted a simplified declaration submission process for themselves and their clients with a focus on enhancing the navigation structure and designing a modern user interface.

Research & Design


What was the outcome

Increased productivity and effectiveness, enhanced usability, and improved overall user satisfaction.


What were the goals

Empower users

Save time and reduce workload by simplifying the submission process.

Reduce effort

Improve usability and reduce errors with an intuitive user interface.

Augment tasks

Enhance workflow efficiency with better navigation and quicker access to key tasks.

What we did

Conducted a heuristic analysis to identify usability issues and prioritised areas for improvement based on severity.


Key insights: Overall, the user interface needed to be revamped because it did not adhere to current design standards, but critical areas in navigation, orientation, consistency, and standards also needed immediate attention.


Orientation issue example (high severity): There is no clear indication of the user’s location when they land on the home page and what they are supposed to do next. Too many confusing navigation items and different styles.


Mapped "AS-IS" user flows to pinpoint areas of friction and opportunities for optimisation.


Key insights: We discovered opportunities to reduce interaction costs by automating areas of the declaration submission process and consolidating steps.

Example: The contract, which was a selection dropdown and the first interaction in the declaration journey, could now be automatically determined based on the arrival date of the first breach area added, removing one unnecessary screen.


Designed IA and refined with stakeholders, business analysts and product owners.


Designed new user flows and low-fidelity wireframes to validate and refine with stakeholders.


Designed high-fidelity prototypes in preparation for development hand-off.

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